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  • Goosebumps Read Online

  • Do you like listening to and reading stories for kids? There are lots of illustrated children's stories for kids of all ages. Enjoy some Goosebumps books online.

  • Read Welcome to Dead House - 11-year-old Josh and 12-year-old Amanda just moved into the oldest and weirdest house on the block--the two siblings think it might even be haunted! But of course, their parents don't believe them. You'll get used to it, they say. Go out and make some new friends.

  • Read Stay Out of the Basement - Dr. Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement. Nothing to worry about. Harmless, really. But Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about their father. Especially when of the plants he is growing down there. Then they notice that their father is developing plantlike tendencies. In fact, he is becoming distinctly weedy-and seedy.

  • Read Monster Blood Goosebumps - The book follows Evan Ross and his friend, Andy, who discover the disturbing secret about Monster Blood, novelty slime which makes people and animals grow bigger like giants.

  • Read Say Cheese - And Die Screaming! - GONE in a FLASH! A picture is worth a thousand screams-if it's taken with an evil camera that has a nasty vision of the future. Julie's future doesn't look pretty. And neither does anyone else's after they're caught in her lens! Things start looking up when Julie gets to HorrorLand. That is, until she starts falling down...into the Tunnel of Screams.

    Read The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb - Gabe just got lost-in a pyramid. One minute, his crazy cousin Sari was right ahead of him in the pyramid tunnel. The next minute, she'd disappeared. Gabe doesn't believe in the curse of the mummy's tomb. But that doesn't mean that the curse isn't real...

  • Read Let's Get Invisible! - Let's Get Invisible! is the sixth book in the original Goosebumps book series. It was first published in 1993. The original cover illustration features Max Thompson looking through a mirror in the attic. Half his body is invisible. The Classic Goosebumps cover illustration features a boy whose head has vanished under the light of the mirror.

  • Read Night of the Living Dummy - Kris's twin sister has just gotten a ventriloquist's dummy and it's all anyone - their parents, their friends - seem to care about. Kris is tired of being ignored so she gets a dummy of her own. But double the dummies start to mean double the trouble...and horror.

  • Read The Girl Who Cried Monster - Lucy loves telling monster stories. Her family and friends are tired of them. Her parents make her participate in a bookworm project in the library. But something is off with the librarian. One day she sees him eating flies. He has to be a monster. But no one believes a word she's saying.

  • Read Welcome to Camp Nightmare - The food at Camp Nightmoon isn't great. The counselors are a little strange. And the camp director, Uncle Al seems sort of demented. OK, Billy can handle that. But when other campers disappear... and his parents don't answer his letters.

  • Read The Ghost Next Door - A monster-sized edition features a screaming sound chip that activates when readers open the front cover, and three enclosed stories include "The Ghost Next Door," "Ghost Beach," and "The Barking Ghost."