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  • Superhero Stories

  • Do you like listening to and reading stories for kids? There are lots of illustrated children's stories for kids of all ages. Enjoy some Superhero Stories books online. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey through the realm of extraordinary individuals and their epic adventures. Here, we celebrate the captivating narratives that have captured our imagination for generations, showcasing the iconic heroes and their iconic battles against insurmountable odds. From the pages of comic books to the silver screen, we explore the rich tapestry of superhero lore, delving into the origins, powers, and complex characters that have become cultural icons. Join us as we dive into the exhilarating world of Superhero Stories, where legends come to life and inspire us to embrace our own heroic potential.

  • Read Ten Rules of Being a Superhero - In order to be a real superhero, you have to follow some important rules:Rule #1: A superhero must ALWAYS respond to a call for help.Rule #2: Saving the day is messy.

  • Read Pete The Cat Super Pete - Super Pete! We all need a superhero Pete in our life. When there's trouble in town, it’s up to Pete the Cat's alter ego, Super Pete, to save the day!

  • Read Superhero Mom - All moms are wonderful! But I bet your mom is the best! Visit your local library to read about all the things that make your mom a Superhero Mom!

  • Read DC Super Friends: Big Heroes! - Lex Luthor has shrunk the DC Super Friends™ to the size of ants, and suddenly the world is a very big and very dangerous place. Batman™, Superman™, and the rest of the Super Friends will have to use all of their powers as they fight a praying mantis, Venus flytraps, and more in the Little Golden Book Big Heroes!

    Read Black Panther - The Marvel World of Reading line of early readers is designed to offer reluctant readers books that they will want to read by featuring characters they love. Learn how T'Challa, an African Prince, protects his nation and becomes the Super Hero Black Panther.

Superhero Stories

Greed stories, where ordinary individuals transform into legends of justice and heroism.