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  • Stories for Kids

  • Do you like listening to and reading stories for kids? There are lots of illustrated children's stories for kids of all ages.

    Fox In Socks Book - A collection of tongue twisters that will amuse little ones.


    Lady & The Tramp - The story of a rakish, street-smart dog named Tramp, who helps an aristocratic pooch named Lady out of some trouble and then commences a romance with her.


    The Lorax Story - Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty.


    Winnie The Pooh & Tigger Too - Rabbit is tired of Tigger always bouncing, so he gets Pooh and Piglet together to come up with an idea to get the bounce out of Tigger. Rabbit suggests they take him into the middle of nowhere and leave him overnight. The idea backfires and Rabbit, Piglet and Pooh find themselves lost, but Pooh's tummy guides them home.


    Green Eggs and Ham - Follow Sam I Am as he tries to convince an acquaintance that green eggs and ham is, indeed, a delectable meal to be savored everywhere and every way.


    Winnie The Pooh & The Honey Tree - The classic Winnie The Pooh & The Honey Tree story.


    Cat In The Hat Story - Poor Dick and Sally. It's cold and wet and they're stuck in the house with nothing to do . . . until a giant cat in a hat shows up, transforming the dull day into a madcap adventure and almost wrecking the place in the process!


    Winnie The Pooh & The Blustery Day - The story takes place when the east wind trades places with the west wind, stirring things up a bit all through the Hundred Acre Wood.


    Three Little Pigs Story - The three little pigs have never looked so cute and the big bad wolf never looked so bad in this retelling of the classic fairy tale!


    Little Hiawatha - Little Hiawatha is seen paddling his canoe down a river—at one point backwards—on his way to hunt game. Upon reaching land, he steps out and immediately falls down a hidden hole in the water, bringing about the laughter of the animals in the forest.


    Peter and The Wolf - Sergei Prokofiev's fairy tale of a Russian boy who captures a wolf with the help of a bird, duck, and cat.




    Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise - When Pinkalicious uses all of Alison's pink paint in class, Pinkalicious knows just how to make it up to her best friend!



    Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin - Pinkalicious is on a search to find a pink pumpkin in this pinkerrific new lift-the-flap book! With thirteen flaps that open to reveal hidden surprises on every page, Pinkalicious fans will be perfectly pleased!


    Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink - One hot summer day, Pinkalicious gets an idea that is simply pinkerrific—a pink lemonade stand!


    Pinkalicious Cupcake Book - Pink, pink, pink. More than anything, Pinkalicious loves pink, especially pink cupcakes.

    Dora's Starry Christmas

    Dora's Starry Christmas


    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    A Charlie Brown Christmas


    The Very Special Christmas

    The Very Special Christmas


    Peppa Pig Story - Everyone has heard the story of the Peppa Pig. Here is an updated funny version about the Peppa Pig Story.


    Ladybug Girl at the Beach - This is a live reading of the children's book Ladybug Girl at the Beach by David Soman and Jacky Davis.



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